prof. dr. M.J.M. (Marc) Bonten

prof. dr. M.J.M. (Marc) Bonten

Full Professor
prof. dr. M.J.M. (Marc) Bonten
  • Julius Center, dept. Epidemiology & Health Economics

Research Programs

Infection & Immunity



Marc Bonten earned his MD (1991) and PhD (“the role of colonization of the upper intestinal tract in the pathogenesis of ventilator-associated pneumonia, 1994) at the Maastricht University Medical School, the Netherlands. He registered as internist in 2000, as infectious disease specialist in 2002 and as clinical microbiologist in 2008, all at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands. From 2008 till March 2021 he was head of the Department of Medical Microbiology. Since 2003 he is head of the research group of Infectious Disease Epidemiology of the Julius Center of Health Sciences and Primary Care and professor of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases. He has been a principal investigator in many large scale epidemiologic studies and investigator-initiated randomized trials of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. His experience covers the full range of epidemiologic study designs including clinical trials, cohorts, case-control studies and mathematical modelling to study antibiotic resistance and infection prevention. Specific research interests include the epidemiology of antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as VRE, MRSA and MDR Enterobacteriaceae, selective decontamination in intensive care unit patients, prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia, treatment of community-acquired pneumonia, and prevention and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia, including COVID-19.

He is chairman of the strategic research program Infection & Immunity at the UMC Utrecht. (2017-)

Coordinator of the H2020-funded project ECRAID-Base (March 2021-) and Chief Executive Officer of the ECRAID foundation (Jan 2022-)

Member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten (Royal Academy of Sciences and Art) (April 2021-)

Side Activities

Advisory boards, DSMBs and steering committees 

Chair of international study steering committee EMBRACE study, Janssen Vaccines; payments to UMC Utrecht) (2017-);

Member of Independent Data Monitoring Committee of the PSK008 and PSK009 studies on pneumococcal vaccination, Sanofi Pasteur (payments to UMC Utrecht) (2019-)

Member of Advisory Board clinical development for bactriophage therapy (international), Pherecytes (payments to Ecraid) (2022-)

Member of Advisory Board pneumococcal vaccination (international), Merck Sharp & Dohme BV (payments to UMC Utrecht) (2020-)

Scientific Advisor for Janssen Research & Devlopment for Ecraid assisting Janssen in finding study sites for E.mbrace study in European countries (all payments to Ecraid)

Editorial board member CMI Communications (2024-)

Activities ended

Member Advisory Boards (all payments to UMC Utrecht: Covid-19 treatment (national), AstraZeneca (2021); Pneumococcal vaccination (international), Pfizer (2021); Clinical development ensovibep for treatment COVID-19 (international), Novartis (2022); RS Virus (national) GSK (April 2023); Ensitrelvir (international) Shionogi (April 2023). 

Speaker fees

Takeda (Nov 2019) (payments to M. Bonten)


Expert panels

Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Institute (SDa) (2019-) (payments to UMC Utrecht).

Cluster Infectieziektenbestrijding from ZorgOnderzoek Nederland (2019-) (attendance fees to UMC Utrecht). 

Scientific Advisory Board of GARDP (Global Antibiotic Research & Development Platform (2020-) (no payments).

Advisory Panel Innovative Treatments COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (2020-) (attendance fees to UMC Utrecht).

Outbreak Management Team for COVID-19 (2020-) (attendance fees to UMC Utrecht)


Research activities: contract research

UMC Utrecht is a study site in the E.mbrace study; a phase 3 randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study of a 12-valent E. coli vaccine from Janssen Vaccines. Bonten is principal investigator for UMC Utrecht. (2022-) (no personal payments)

UMC Utrecht cordinates the PNEUMO study: an international observational study to quantify sero-type specific incidence of pneumococcal infections. Study sponsor: Merck. Bonten is principal investigator. (2018-) (no personal payments)

Ecraid assists Spherecytes in the execution of PhagoDAIR I: A pilot, multicenter, randomized, non-comparative, double-blind study of phage therapy in patients with hip or knee prosthetic joint infection due to Staphylococcus aureus treated with DAIR and antibiotic therapy. (no personal payments)

PI of the following studies executed by UMC Utrecht: the CAPiTA study and 3 related observational studies with PCV13 (Wyeth/Pfizer 2007-2014); HERALD study, phase3 COVID-19 vaccine (Curevac 2020-2023), VAC31518COV2001 stuyd, phase2 COVID-19 vaccine (Janssen Vaccines 2020-2022); EMPATHY study, phase2 treatment COVID19 (Novartis; 2021-2022). Payments to UMC Utrecht. (no personal payments)

Ecraid executes the phase 3 randomized double-blind placebo-ccontrolled study to ealuatve the efficacy and safety of bemnifosbuvir (ATEA pharmacuetical) in high-risk outpatients with COVID-19. (no personal payments)

Ecraid participates in the 217848 (RSV OA=ADJ-013) A phase 3 RCT to evaluate immune response of RSVPreF3 OA when co-administered with a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. (all payments to Ecraid)

Ecraid participated in the VLA2100 COVID-19 booster vaccination study (Valneva; 2022-2023) and collaborated with Moderna (2023; influenza vaccines) and Limatech (2022-2024; Klebsiella vaccine). (all payments to Ecraid) 

Research activities: public private partnerships (PPP) funded through the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI)

Bonten is, on behalf of UMC Utrecht, coordinator of COMBACTE-NET, COMBACTE-CARE, COMBACTE-MAGNET en COMBACTE-CDI) with the aim to improve efficiency of clinical evaluation of new antimicrobial treatments. Collaboration in this PPP is with AstraZeneca, Pfizer, GSK, Basilea, AiCuris, DaVolterra, Janssen, Sanofi, BioMerieux and MSD ( (2013-) COMBACTE CDI ended in 2021, MAGNET in 2023, CARE in 2023. (no personal payments)

Bonten is, on behalf of UMC Utrecht, co-coordinator of the PPP VITAL in which the effects of aging on vaccine response is investigated. Collaboration in this PPP is with Pfizer, GSK, Janssen, Sanofi, BioMerieux en MSD ( (2017-) (no personal payments)

Bonten is, on behalf of UMC Utrecht, scientific coordinator of the PPP PrIMAVera (Predicting the Impact of Monoclonal Antibodies & Vaccines on Antimicrobial Resistance) in which the potential effects of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on the epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance will be investigated. Collaboration in this PPP is with GSK and Janssen. (2021-) (no personal payments)

UMC Utrecht is partner in VALUE-Dx in which the effects of diagnostics in the treatment of respiratory tract infections is investigated. Collaboration in this PPP is with BioMerieux, Abbot, Janssen, BioRad en BD ( Bonten co-leads the ADEQUATE study in which collaboration is with BioMerieux. (2019-) (no personal payments)


Fellowship and Awards

He is a VICI laureate (2006) from the Dutch Science Association, Principal Investigator of the CAPiTA study, coordinator of the EU-funded project R-GNOSIS, scientific coordinator of the IMI-funded consortiums COMBACTE-NET, COMBACTE-CARE and COMBACTE-MAGNET. He is member of the International Trial Steering Committee of the REMAP-CAP study, and coordinator of ECRAID-Base.  

In 2015 he received the ESCMID 2015 Award for Excellence in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

In 2017 he received a honorary fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, and was awarded the ESCMID fellowship.

In 2021 he was elected member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Academi voor Wetenschappen.

Research Output (830)

The impact of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination on antibody response after COVID-19 vaccination

Taks Esther J M, Moorlag Simone J C F M, Föhse Konstantin, Simonetti Elles, van der Gaast-de Jongh Christa E, van Werkhoven Cornelis H, Bonten Marc J M, Oever Jaap Ten, de Jonge Marien I, van de Wijgert Janneke H H M, Netea Mihai G 17 Nov 2023, In: iScience. 26 12 p.

Postoperative Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Patients With and Without Preoperative Colonization

Troeman Darren P R, Hazard Derek, Timbermont Leen, Malhotra-Kumar Surbhi, van Werkhoven Cornelis H, Wolkewitz Martin, Ruzin Alexey, Goossens Herman, Bonten Marc J M, Harbarth Stephan, Sifakis Frangiscos, Kluytmans Jan A J W, Vlaeminck Jelle, Vilken Tuba, Xavier Basil Britto, Lammens Christine, van Esschoten Marjolein, Paling Fleur P, Recanatini Claudia, Coenjaerts Frank, Sellman Bret, Tkaczyk Christine, Weber Susanne, Ekkelenkamp Miquel Bart, van der Laan Lijckle, Vierhout Bastiaan P, Couvé-Deacon Elodie, David Miruna, Chadwick David, Llewelyn Martin J, Ustianowski Andrew, Bateman Antony, Mawer Damian, Carevic Biljana, Konstantinovic Sonja, Djordjevic Zorana, Del Toro-López María Dolores, Gallego Juan Pablo Horcajada, Escudero Dolores, Rojo Miquel Pujol, Torre-Cisneros Julian, Castelli Francesco, Nardi Giuseppe, Barbadoro Pamela, Altmets Mait, Mitt Piret, Todor Adrian, Bubenek-Turconi Serban-Ion, Corneci Dan, Sandesc Dorel, 2 Oct 2023, In: JAMA network open. 6

Plasma protein biomarkers reflective of the host response in patients developing Intensive Care Unit-acquired pneumonia

van Engelen Tjitske S R, Reijnders Tom D Y, Paling Fleur P, Bonten Marc J M, Timbermont Leen, Malhotra-Kumar Surbhi, Kluytmans Jan A J W, Peters-Sengers Hessel, van der Poll Tom, 6 Jul 2023, In: Critical care (London, England). 27 11 p.

Corrigendum:The impact of circadian rhythm on Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination effects on SARS-CoV-2 infections (Front. Immunol., (2023), 14, 980711, 10.3389/fimmu.2023.980711)

Föhse Konstantin, Taks Esther J M, Moorlag Simone J C F M, Bonten Marc J M, van Crevel Reinout, Ten Oever Jaap, van Werkhoven Cornelis H, Netea Mihai G, van de Maat Josephine S, Hoogerwerf Jacobien J 24 May 2023, In: Frontiers in Immunology. 14

Safe shortening of antibiotic treatment duration for complicated Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAFE trial):Protocol for a randomised, controlled, open-label, non-inferiority trial comparing 4 and 6 weeks of antibiotic treatment

Buis Dtp, van Werkhoven C H, van Agtmael M A, Bax H I, Berrevoets M, de Boer Mgj, Bonten Mjm, Bosmans J E, Branger J, Douiyeb S, Gelinck Lbs, Jong E, Lammers Ajj, Van der Meer Jtm, Oosterheert J J, Sieswerda E, Soetekouw R, Stalenhoef J E, Van der Vaart T W, Bij de Vaate E A, Verkaik N J, Van Vonderen Mga, De Vries P J, Prins J M, Sigaloff Kce, 21 Apr 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 , p. 1-9

Cohort profile of PLUTO:a perioperative biobank focusing on prediction and early diagnosis of postoperative complications

de Mul Nikki, Verlaan Diede, Ruurda Jelle P, van Grevenstein Wilhelmina M U, Hagendoorn Jeroen, de Borst Gert-Jan, Vriens Menno R, de Bree Remco, Zweemer Ronald P, Vogely Charles, Haitsma Mulier Jelle L G, Vernooij Lisette M, Reitsma Johannes B, de Zoete Marcel R, Top Janetta, Kluijtmans Jan A J, Hoefer Imo E, Noordzij Peter, Rettig Thijs, Marsman Marije, de Smet Anne Marie G A, Derde Lennie, van Waes Judith, Rijsdijk Mienke, Schellekens Willem Jan M, Bonten Marc J M, Slooter Arjen J C, Cremer Olaf L 19 Apr 2023, In: BMJ Open. 13 16 p.

Effect of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor and Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Initiation on Organ Support–Free Days in Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19:A Randomized Clinical Trial

Lawler Patrick R, Derde Lennie P G, van de Veerdonk Frank L, McVerry Bryan J, Huang David T, Berry Lindsay R, Lorenzi Elizabeth, van Kimmenade Roland, Gommans Frank, Vaduganathan Muthiah, Leaf David E, Baron Rebecca M, Kim Edy Y, Frankfurter Claudia, Epelman Slava, Kwan Yvonne, Grieve Richard, O'Neill Stephen, Sadique Zia, Puskarich Michael, Marshall John C, Higgins Alisa M, Mouncey Paul R, Rowan Kathryn M, Al-Beidh Farah, Annane Djillali, Arabi Yaseen M, Au Carly, Beane Abi, van Bentum-Puijk Wilma, Bonten Marc J M, Bradbury Charlotte A, Brunkhorst Frank M, Burrell Aidan, Buzgau Adrian, Buxton Meredith, Cecconi Maurizio, Cheng Allen C, Cove Matthew, Detry Michelle A, Estcourt Lise J, Ezekowitz Justin, Fitzgerald Mark, Gattas David, Godoy Lucas C, Goossens Herman, Haniffa Rashan, Harrison David A, Hills Thomas, Horvat Christopher M, 11 Apr 2023, In: JAMA - The Journal of The American Medical Association. 329 , p. 1183-1196 14 p.

BCG Vaccination of Health Care Workers Does Not Reduce SARS-CoV-2 Infections nor Infection Severity or Duration:a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Claus Juana, Ten Doesschate Thijs, Gumbs Cheyenne, van Werkhoven Cornelis H, van der Vaart Thomas W, Janssen Axel B, Smits Gaby, van Binnendijk Rob, van der Klis Fiona, van Baarle Debbie, Paganelli Fernanda L, Leavis Helen, Verhagen Lilly M, Joosten Simone A, Bonten Marc J M, Netea Mihai G, van de Wijgert Janneke H H M, 28 Mar 2023, In: mBio. 14 16 p.

Comparative effectiveness of β-lactams for empirical treatment of methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia:a prospective cohort study

Buis D T P, van der Vaart T W, Prins J M, van der Meer J T M, Bonten M J M, Sieswerda E, van Werkhoven C H, Sigaloff K C E, Herpers B L, Jansen R R, Rozemeijer W, Soetekouw R, van Twillert G, Veenstra J 10 Mar 2023, In: The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy. 78 , p. 1175-1181 7 p.

Positive impact of [18F]FDG-PET/CT on mortality in patients with Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia explained by immortal time bias

van der Vaart Thomas W, Prins Jan M, van Werkhoven Cornelis H, Ten Doesschate Thijs, Soetekouw Robin, van Twillert Gitte, Veenstra Jan, Herpers Bjorn L, Rozemeijer Wouter, Jansen Rogier R, Bonten Marc J M, van der Meer Jan T M 4 Mar 2023, In: Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. 77 , p. 9-15 7 p.

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