Independent scientific advisory board

The Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) comprises renowned scientists and clinicians representing different aspects and fields involved in child health and childhood mortality. 

The ISAB is convened to provide independent advice and recommendations regarding methodologies and analyses used and other scientific or practical matters related to this project. 

Prof. Heather ZarHead of the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health; Director of the Division of Paediatric Pulmonology; and Director of  Child & Adolescent Health at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and the University of Cape Town.
Dr. Johan VekemansPaediatrician, immunologist and epidemiologist working at WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research on the development pathway for vaccines targeting priority diseases of high global public health interest.
Prof. Michael Boele van HensbroekProfessor of Global Child Health and paediatric infectious disease specialist, Tropical child health, malaria in African children, anaemia.
Dr. Naveen ThackerPast president of Indian Ped Association, current office bearer International Ped Association and GAVI Board Member (representing civil society organizations).
Nicole Derksen Chairman of the RSV Patient Advisory Board of the IMI-funded RESCEU consortium.
Niteen WairagkarBMGF Representative

Global Maternal & Child Health Day

With great pleasure we look back on a successful symposium that was organized in the context of Global Maternal and Child Health on 6 June in the University Medical Center Utrecht. Visitors from various institutions across the country attended presentations on a variety of Global Health themes, such as vaccinations and malaria. As a part of Helping Mothers and Babies Breathe in Ethiopa, diverse activities were organized, including interactive training sessions, a djembe workshop and a lecture on maternal and child health in developing countries. Professionals as well as children, parents and others engaged in the activities. Crowdfunding was initiated for the Helping Mothers and Babies Breathe in Ethiopia Project in order to enable purchase of equipment needed for medical training. One can contribute to better medical care through donation via

RSV GOLD Independent Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

Embedded in this day, a meeting with the RSV GOLD Independent Scientific Advisory Board took place. This moment of reflection on the progress and future perspectives of the RSV GOLD Project brought forward action points to ensure further advancement of the project. Several points of discussion included representation of low-income countries, expansion to community- and hospital-acquired RSV infection, preferred increase of outreach via networks and conferences and the desire for real-time data sharing. With the provided insights and recommendations in mind, we look forward to actively working towards an enhanced RSV GOLD project.