Prof. dr. D.C. van der Zee

Hoogleraar kinderchirurgie

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Professor Dr. D. C. van der Zee has been a pediatric surgeon since 1991. He has been involved in minimal invasive surgery in children and neonates as of the late 1980-ies and has published over 150 peer reviewed papers, many of them on endoscopic surgery. Education in endoscopic surgery has always been an important issue in his career. He has always been involved in education and training in IPEG, EAES, the Dutch Society of Endoscopic Surgery and his University Hospital.The Department is an (inter-)national recognized Centre of Expertise for Esophageal Atresia and Upper Airway Pathology. They take part in the European Collaboration for Rare Diseases (ERNICA). He gave Keynote Lectures at JSES in Japan, at ELSA in Taiwan, Irkutsk in Russia and in Buenos Aires in Argentina. He gave lectures and hand-on courses all around the world including Hawaii, Bali, Singapore, Myanmar, Wuhan, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Bangkok and Beijing. He gave the Storz lecture at BAPS in Amsterdam in July 2016. He has been awarded Honorary memberships in ANZAPS, The Russian Federation of Pediatric Surgery and ESPES. He currently is editor in several international journals and is Past-President of IPEG. With his formal retirement he now serves as a consultant for the Department of Pediatric Surgery in Utrecht and patient societies for esophageal atresia (VOKS, EAT).

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  • Effecten CO2 insufflatie op wondgenezing bij minimaal invasieve procedures
  • De effecten van anti-reflux chirurgie op zuigelingen en kinderen met gastro-oesophageale reflux ziekte

Key Publications

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