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Research Output (102)

"Let's talk about sex": a qualitative study of Rwandan adolescents' views on sex and HIV

van Nuil J.I., Mutwa P.R., Asiimwe-Kateera B., Kestelyn E., Vyankandondera J., Pool R., Ruhirimbura J., Kanakuze C., Reiss P., Geelen S.P.M., van de Wijgert JH, Boer K.R. 2014, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 9 , p. e102933-e10293 92641 p.

Hepatitis B virus prevalence and vaccine response in HIV-infected children and adolescents on combination antiretroviral therapy in Kigali, Rwanda

Mutwa Philippe R., Boer Kimberly R., Rusine John B., Muganga Narcisse, Tuyishimire Diane, Reiss Peter, Lange Joep Ma, Geelen Sibyl P.M. 1 mrt 2013, In: Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 32 , p. 246-251 6 p.

Long-term response to combination antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected children in the Netherlands registered from 1996 to 2012

Cohen S., Smit C., van Rossum A.M.C., Fraaij P.L.A., Wolfs T.F.W., Geelen S.P.M., Scholvinck E.H., Warris A., Scherpbier H.J., Bont L.J., Nauta N., Dutch Paediatric HIV Study Group x., Pajkrt D. 2013, In: AIDS. 27 , p. 2567-2575 9 p.

Sustained virological response on second-line antiretroviral therapy following virological failure in HIV-infected patients in rural South Africa

Schoffelen Annelot F, Wensing Annemarie M J, Tempelman Hugo A, Geelen Sibyl P M, Hoepelman Andy I M, Barth Roos E 2013, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 8

Living situation affects adherence to combination antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected adolescents in Rwanda: a qualitative study

Mutwa F.R., van Nuil J.I., Assiimewe-Kateera B., Kestelyn P., Vyankandondera J., Pool R., Ruhirimbura J., Kanakuze C., Reiss P., Geelen S.P.M., Wijgert J., Boer K.R. 2013, In: PLoS ONE [E]. 8 , p. e60073 1 p.

Evaluation of immune responses to combined hepatitis A and B vaccine in HIV-infected children and children on immunosuppressive medication.

Belderok S.M., Sonder G.J.B., van Rossum M., van Dijk-Hummelman A, Hartwig N.G., Scherpbier H.J., Geelen S.P.M., Speksnijder A.G.C.L., Baaten G., van den Hoek A. 2013, In: Vaccine. 31 , p. 4156-4163 8 p.

Mid-dosing interval efavirenz plasma concentrations in HIV-1-infected children in Rwanda: treatment efficacy, tolerability, adherence, and the influence of CYP2B6 polymorphisms

Mutwa P.R., Fillekes Q., Malgaz M., Tuyishimire D., van de Kraats R., Boer K.R., Burger D.M., van Schaik R.H., Muganga N., Geelen S.P.M. 2012, In: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. 60 , p. 400-404 5 p.

Barriers to initiation of pediatric HIV treatment in Uganda: A mixed-method study

Boender T.S., Sigaloff K.C., Kayiwa J., Musiime V., Calis J.C., Hamers R.L., Nakatudde L.K., Khauda E., Mukuye A., Ditai J., Geelen S.P.M., Mugyenyi P., Rinke de Wit T.F., Kityo C. 2012, In: AIDS Research and Treatment. 2012 , p. 817506 1 p.

Long-term outcome of children receiving antiretroviral treatment in rural South Africa:substantial virologic failure on first-line treatment

Barth R.E., Tempelman H.A., Smelt E., Wensing A.M.J., Hoepelman A.I.M., Geelen S.P.M. jan 2011, In: The Pediatric infectious disease journal. 30 , p. 52-56 5 p.

Immunovirological response to triple nucleotide reverse-transcriptase inhibitors and ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitors in treatment-naive HIV-2-infected patients: The ACHIEV2E Collaboration Study Group.

Benard A., van Sighem A.I., Taieb A., Valadas E., Ruelle J.-L., Soriano V., Calmy A., Balotta C., Damond F., Brun-Vezinet F., Chene G., Hoepelman I.M., Geelen S.P.M., et al. X, Matheron S. 2011, In: Clinical Infectious Diseases. 52 , p. 1257-1266 10 p.

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