Patient portal My UMC Utrecht

Patient portal My UMC Utrecht

Patients of Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, part of UMC Utrecht, have access to patient portal My UMC Utrecht. If you are a parent or guardian/curator and want to have access to your child's My UMC Utrecht, you'll need an authorization.

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Do you have a European approved digital identity (eIDAS)? Unfortunately the login does not work. We are working on it.


Before you come to our hospital, please read about our corona measures. 

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To use My UMC Utrecht of your child or the patient you legally represent, you'll first need an authorization. Read all information about this carefully. After reading the information, you can fill in the application form on the same page.

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In My UMC Utrecht, all results are immediately available. You can check the results before you discussed these with your healthcare provider. Please keep in mind that there might be soms inconvenient or unexpected test results. You can also decide to discuss what the results mean for you, when you have your next appointment with the healthcare provider. 

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UMC Utrecht considers privacy of patients important. Here you read how we protect your privacy and data in My UMC Utrecht, and how you can contribute to this.

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Contact helpdesk

Send an e-mail to or call 088 75 688 90. Please mention:

  • what is the problem and when did it occur?
  • who is the problem about: yourself (patient), your child, or yourself as a delegate?
  • name and date of birth (of your child).

Medical questions

Please contact your care provider for any questions regarding your care and treatment. Call the outpatient clinic via 088 75 555 55.


If you have forgotten your username or password, or if your DigiD has expired, apply for a new DigiD. More information on DigiD can be found at

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