Parking at Wilhelmina children's hospital

UMC Utrecht has several paid parking facilities. The parking garage is solely for use by patients, visitors and staff of UMC Utrecht. Because parking is limited, visitors are encouraged to use public transport. It is also possible to drop off fellow passengers close to the entrance of the parking area.

Parking rates

  • € 1.80 per hour (€ 0.30 per 10 minutes)
  • Maximum charge per day is € 18.00 (charge for loss of parking ticket is also € 18.00)
  • Parking under 30 minutes is free of charge.

Charges apply 24/7.

Weekly tickets can be purchased for € 30 in the case of long-term parking.

Parking charges can be paid using your debit or credit card. There is also a single parking machine that accepts cash payments.

Alternative parking garage

An alternative parking garage, called P+R De Uithof, is within walking distance of WKZ and UMC Utrecht. The daily charge for this parking garage is € 5 including shuttle bus (park & ride). Bus number 28 runs between P+R De Uithof and UMC Utrecht 8 times an hour.