About us

RSV Gold team

The RSV GOLD team is part of the RSV Research Group, located in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center (Utrecht, the Netherlands). This team has the vision to combine clinical and basic research to decrease the global burden of RSV infection. The mission of the RSV GOLD team is to improve knowledge of RSV epidemiology and to develop safe and effective therapeutic and preventive interventions. 

Members of the RSV Gold team

  • Nienke Scheltema: Project Founder RSV GOLD
  • Joanne Wildenbeest: Scientific Advisor
  • Ichelle van Roessel: Researcher
  • Juliette Simons: Researcher 
  • Rogina Roebaar: Researcher
  • Dunja Scheepmaker: Researcher
  • Trisja Boom: Researcher
  • Renske Bijl: Researcher
  • Sophia van de Graaf: Researcher
  • Jasper van der Kemp: Researcher
  • Beverly de Leeuw: Website developer
  • Leyla Kragten-Tabatabaie: Former Project Leader RSV GOLD
  • Insaf Duale: Former Researcher
  • Emily Phijffer: Former Researcher
  • Junhua Fang: Former Researcher
  • Issam el Mansori: Former Researcher
"My motivation to work on this project stems from my eagerness to ensure that every child in this world has an equal opportunity in life regardless of the place of birth. By participating in the RSV GOLD project, I could be part of a bigger cause that aims to safeguard the chances of survival of poor and vulnerable children." - Insaf

"At this moment my dream is to become a pediatrician and with RSV GOLD I am able to discover this specialty at an early stage of my career. I am proud to be a part of the RSV GOLD team." - Ichelle
"It was plain for me that this is the project I want to join. I think it is important to solve a worldwide problem which causes numerous deaths among young children and I want to contribute to every small step towards this solution." - Rogina

"As a future doctor, it is my duty to help the sick and provide the best care for them. 
For this to happen there is a need for more research so that doctors can provide the best care for their patients. 
I am glad to work with a dedicated team to help reach this goal." - Issam
"I think the large amount of childhood deaths caused by RSV should be reduced as soon as possible. While working on the RSV project with our team, we hopefully will achieve this goal!" - Emily   
"I like working in a team which is dedicated to improving the welfare of less fortunate children through research.   I am driven by my passion to help improve the future prospects of these children worldwide."  - Junhua
"I enjoy participating in this project, due to the combination of being part of an enthusiastic team, gaining great learning experience and doing something important!" - Juliette

"I have always found childhood disease around the world a very interesting subject and I think RSV GOLD could play a part in reducing childhood mortality caused by RSV. Therefore I am proud and excited to be involved in such a great and important project." -Trisja
"The combination of participating in such a hardworking, ambitious and enthusiastic team, while contributing to this amazing and important project and being able to expand my horizon and gain experience in the research field is one that I love working on!" -Dunja